Alison Angel and The Guest Photogapher

I love LOVE my photographer, but sometimes it is fun to have someone else take the nude pictures of me. Every month we have a couple of the Alison Angel members send in some samples and apply to be a guest photographer for one of my sets. I always think that’s exciting. We get a fresh “eye” on where and what to shoot and we also know that the person who is coming to shoot my next erotic adventure is also a fan of the work that I do as Alison Angel. Enjoy this set, the shooter came all the way from Amsterdan to take the pictures and video.
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Alison Angel as Sporty Spice

So many members wanted to see me in a sporty shoot, but the kind of shoot I’d be doing in a gym, the way you guys would like it… it wouldn’t be possible anywhere I know of! I can’t just walk into LA Fitness and strip nude…. yet :). So the next best thing was to have a practice run in the studio. I’ve been working out hard for this shoot and I’ve slimmed my waist down more than ever before. Don’t worry though, my breasts are as full as ever! Now I don’t wear this when I go to my gym, I’m a lot more conservative. But when I change into Alison Angel, sky is the limit :) Its a big visual treat for you guys, and its a huge photo update, that’s for sure.
Alison Angel Flashing Her TitsAlison AngelAlison Angel Eating Pussy

Alison Angel Masturbating In Public

Playing with these oranges makes me kinda ‘juicy’ myself, so I find a local bench and masturbate on it. I know I am on a surveillance camera but they can not see my face so I figure why not… besides, it’s not like Alison Angel is a celebrity…. yet :) I had such a great orgasm on that bench, if anyone watched that tape cum monday they will be in for a surprise! A horny bunny was there!

big tits movie

Alison Angel with Rock Hard Nipples

It was so cold I thought my nipples were going to fall off. We were down by the river, I had a cute little green tank on and a thin linen skirt. The pictures are adorable and hot at the same time, posing right by the water and on the boat loading deck. You can see the city in the backround like here in the cover picture. It looked like we were shooting some high fashion stuff down here, I dont think the people could see that my breasts were out…or if they could…good for them! As my photographer says “No better way to start the day than with an eye full of Alison Angel“. Later that same day we were driving to another spot and saw a train fast approaching so we stoped, I got out and took a few cute pictures of me standing with the passing train in the backround, I flashed my boobies and then even bare ass mooned them as well.
Alison Angel GalleryAlison Angel MasturbatingAlison Angel Masturbating

Alison Angel’s Feet, Toes, and Arches

While I usually do my toes myself, I actually had a pedicure done for this shoot. My photographer is kind of a foot junky, so sometimes I have to oblige his desires just so he can focus on the rest of me :). This time I painted my toenails what I like to call Alison Angel red. You’ll have to excuse my soles as I had been walking around barefoot so they are a bit dirty, though my photgrapher says that just makes the foot fantasy all the more real. Next I use my arches to grip a vibrator like it’s a cock, which almost made my photographer drop his camera, hahaha!
Alison Angel Eating PussyAlison Angel Eating PussyAlison Angel Eating Pussy

Alison Angel In And Out Of Her Bikini

In my new life as Alison Angel I’ve left my shed my shy Ohio ways and embraced my sexy new Arizona persona. Splish splash this rabbit wants to play! I love swimming, it my favorite exercise and I just love being in water. Oceans are my favorite but this negative edge pool will do on account of the smoldering heat! I put on my cutest green bikini and jumped right in, man did it feel great on my skin. I couldn’t wait to start splashing around….naked!
College Girl Alison AngelAlison Angel NudeAlison Angel Masturbating

Ben Wah Balls In Public

I snuck off to a more private area of this openly outdoor place we were shooting at and decided to have a little fun with these balls! You can only imagine what I did with them and this video is for all my members who like to slowly and very closely watch as I put things into my perfectly cute cooter and slowly take them out so you get to see every detail! Very hot, literally!

big tits movie

Anyone Order an Alison Angel Camel Toe?

Everyone loves a panty show! I did a panty show about two years ago and members have been requesting I do another one every since. We here at Alison Angel aim to please, so here you go, more more more panties!! I love showing off my ass as I’m told it’s nice and plump and I hope you will agree. And if you see me in a pair you just have to have, email me at members only and I can arrange for you to have them! First come first serve though!
Alison Angel VideoAlison Angel Fingering Her PussyCollege Girl Alison Angel

Alison Angel Naked and Locked Out Of The House

This is one of the first set of pictures we did for and believe it or not, we really were locked out. Rob had his camera, so I got naked down while we waited for the locksmith. It was over 100 degrees here in Phoenix I still love to be outside and play around. It may be hot but the rabbits like the heat! I just bought this pink dress, I look like girl scout meets pro golfer and it looks really hot. The glass doors behind me made for an alluring background and you might just love that I take my panties off right away and use them for something else!
Alison Angel VideoAlison Angel MasturbatingAlison Angel Fingering Her Pussy

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