Alison Angel is a classy lassy

Being outdoors shooting, especially when people are around is always a challenge but I am up to it! I had a classy sexy dress on, and flashing my breasts whenever I could, even if there were people nearby. I walk up to a more secluded place and rub myself for a little bit. But I can’t just start rubbing and not finish, so I find a stairway and sit down and hope nobody turns the corner as I sit there and play with myself. It feels soo good I can’t stop, so I have an awesome orgasm right there on a public staircase. It felt so amazing I almost couldn’t walk afterwards! That’s a hard day’s work!

video of alison angel

Tub time!

Splish Splash I am taking a bath! The water feels so good, and rubbing my breasts and hiney feels really good and relaxing. So I start to rub a little bit on my cooter area, and then I wonder what it would feel like if I just poke my finger somewhere else…I was kind of in a kinky mood so I decided to play around in the backdoor, so all my anal fans will enjoy watching me as I tease and play with my butt and dip my finger in and out making a suction sound because that hole is definitely super tight and untouched! Want to come take a bath with me?

flashing in public video

Alison Angel flashing T&A in public

I start off letting a boob flop out of my dress in public, with my legs spread so anyone walking by would catch a glimpse of my cute panties…then the ante is upped when I see this homeless man sleeping on a bench, I feel bad for him but I want to go over and flash my butt next to him, and he doesn’t even know it! Before you know it, my big boobs are out and I just become totally oblivious that we are outside in a very public area! For all your public-nudity loving Alison Angel fans, we have you covered!

video of alison angel

In Walks Lia19

I’m all gussied up and looking hotter than the sun for this shoot as the illustrious Alison Angel…. then in walks Lia19. Fresh from college campus in her normal street clothes. Me all hot and bothered and ready for a good session with my vibrator and a camera, her… smells like fries and margaritas from grabbing drinks after class. Well… I must make her pay! Out with your titties and pussy woman, it is time for a DUEL! By the way, did you know there is a Lia19 Hardcore Video out now?
Alison Angel Flashing Her TitsAlison AngelAlison Angel Eating Pussy

Naked in the Park

In these pictures (and matching video) I run around in the sprinklers and strip off my my little pink shorts because it is soo hot here in Arizona, and then do a hard breast massage by a tree where people can almost see me. For more privacy I move into the bathroom entry and drop my pants showing my smooth pussy…and well…you’ll just have to watch!
Alison Angel Eating PussyAlison AngelAlison Angel Nude

My schoolgirl anal experiment…

I’m looking sinfully cute today with my little short skirt and boots to match, not to mention the shirt that makes me look like I just got home from school. I went up to the bedroom and started rubbing around and decided to kind of explore uncharted territory…I’ve never put anything in my butt in my life, so I decided to play around and see what the big rave was about. It was different at first, but you will have to see the full video to see how much I liked it!

alison angel masturbation movie

Alison Angel Flashing Her Titties In Public

We decided to hit the town for some food and to let my boobs get some air :). I’m dressed up to go to this nice restaurant so it was heard to break out my tits, but Alison Angel never says DIE! This video is actually taken next door to the restaurant right by a busy road. You may here a couple honks of appreciation (at least I hope it’s appreciation, haha) in the background. If you check out the rest of this video in my members area, you’ll see that I get caught up in the moment and masturbate on the sofa outside. I’ll tell you this, I worked up one hell of an appetite after that. HAHAHA.

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Masturbating in my striped dress

Finally, somewhere quiet that I can get in a nice masturbation with this really cute new pink toy! I love vibrators, they really do it for me. So I walk in and relax on the photographers very nice new white furniture, making sure my feet don’t touch it! Then I get down to business with some serious vibrations and rubbing without even bothering to take off my dress, everything inside me is turned on and ready to have an orgasm for the first time since I was here last to shoot. I save my orgasms for camera. And since
I am single, it works out just fine! I insert the big egg so you can see it slowly come out and then… ohhh a long awaited orgasm that made even the guest photographer need a smoke afterwards! he he

flashing in public video

Alison Angel supporting the Marines!

I’ve had members email me from all branches of the military, and one fan actually sent me some cute Marines clothes. I loved wearing them but had almost as much fun peeling them off to show off my ass and cute titties! :)
Alison AngelAlison Angel NudeAlison Angel Eating Pussy

Alison Angel Pantie Show Video

It wouldn’t be a panty show without me, the magnificent Alison Angel dancing around in each pair, really rubbing them on my pussy and showing you every inch of my sexy body. And of course it would not be complete without a pantie stuffing! I took the last pair of panties and shoved them deep inside my wet shaved pussy, until they disappeared. Then like a magician I pulled them back out, TA DA!! Thank you *bow* THANK YOU *bow*

flashing in public video
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