Lemon and lime on the balcony

First off let me say I love this outfit! Who knew the lime green would be my color but it turned out really hot and that’s what matters right? I mean I’m sure all colors would look good on me, ahem! I have my hair pulled back a little differently, and I think I just look totally cute in these photos out on the balcony! I have a big blanket I lay down, its so comfy I just want to fall asleep but I find myself in sexy poses and showing you my sexy big breasts and more of my cooter from the front and the back! I hope you don’t mind that I’m rubbing my hands all over my soft body, but really…can you blame me? ;)

flashing in public video

Portugal, Alison Angel style!

We were on a little village street here in Portugal when I decided that this would be a great place to shoot at. There were lots of people around, as you will see in the photos and a few people were very surprised when they saw me walking around flashing! I just can’t help myself when I get in a mood…these huge soft boobies just have to come out sometimes, is that so terrible? Portugal certainly didn’t seem to think so, and I don’t think they minded too much when I pulled my shorts down to show off my shaved cooter and perfect butt either ;)
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Alison Angel’s boating fun

I have never been to this lake, but I love being on a boat…the warm sunshine got me all in a mood and I stripped down out of my bikini right there in public on the lake, which had all kinds of other boats cruising around, I hope they didn’t see too much! Watch me monkey around on the boat, licking my perky erect nipples and swinging upside down with my shaved pussy and cute butt just hanging out in the breeze…and if you check out the full video in the member’s area, you get to see me take a dip and get all dripping wet. Fun in the sun!

movies of alison angel

Alison Angel takes over Maui

Whew…I just don’t think Hawaii knew what hit it after yours truly showed up for an adult expo and brought the sexy, Alison Angel style! These are just some private candid shots of me playing on the beach in my bikini getting my feet all nice and sandy, relaxing at the hotel in my panties and just goofing around having a great time. After all, what good is a vacation if you’re not having fun??
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Alison Angel’s pink undies

I had been wanting to shoot in this cute matching bra and panty set for a while, so I was excited to finally get a chance to show off all my curves in it. I usually part my hair, but today I was letting it do it own thing, flipping it around for the pictures, maybe it will take you back to the 80′s with the big hair. I’m in the bathroom, posing in the door way, on the floor and even standing in the entrance of the shower. Oh yes, and on the coffee table spread out, showing off all my private parts and for you feet fetish people…we didn’t leave you out either! This set is a real treat for anyone and everyone.
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Alison Angel Masturbating In The Park

Before AlisonAngel.com came around, I NEVER would have thought of climbing a tree and masturbating in public with a dildo no less. In fact, I had never used a dildo, vibrator, carrot, ear of corn, or a table leg to masturbate with before Alison Angel came rolling along. I have to say, I’m glad my little alter ego showed up, my orgasms are much better than they were when I just used my fingers to get off :). This video we shot in a park outside of town a bit, I didn’t want to run into someone I know while cumming down the side of a tree, hahaha.

alison angel videos

Red Rider ;)

When I heard there was going to be a car club meeting I just knew I had to make an appearance and show them how Alison Angel does things! I drooled over all the cars for a while and seeing those lamborghinis ready to rock and roll I just had to get my ass and sweet titties out. All that horsepower makes a girl want to jump in and work the stick-shift a bit, put the pedal to the metal and mmmmmm…
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Alison Angel and Lia19 SuperBowl Pics

SUPERBOWL IS HERE!! This time of year always reminds me of these awesome pics I took with Lia19. I haven’t seen her in sometime but did you know there is a Lia19 Hardcore Video out? Having sex on video is always tempting to me but I just don’t know if I’d want to share it with the world, someday maybe… Now eating pussy, that’s a differnt story :). These pictures turned out really cute. I’ve had so many emails from members saying that the Alison Angel and Lia19 videos are always their favorite. In this one hold Lia down in the grass and kiss her, and she pins me down too and kisses me and my breasts…. then things get really interesting ;)
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Alison Angel Candid Pics

I get a lot of requests for more “amateur” style pictures, so here are a few that we took when we were out and about. I don’t know how he always talks me into it, but there are a couple of me flashing my tits at this outdoor mall. Then he took another silly shot where only half of my hair is done curly, the other half straight. My make up looks like total shit! HAHAHA. I have to admit, the half hair do is interesting. Anyway, here is a day in the life of Alison Angel, I hope you guys enjoy and check out the members area to see the whole collection of this pics.
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Merry XXXmas from Alison Angel!

HO HO HOT. I absolutely LOVE how cute and pink this Christmas outfit is, and I have all the right accessories to make this Christmas just right! This is another favorite shoot of mine for pictures and I hope if you found me under your tree Christmas morning you would be quite pleased. I even opened up a few presents that members sent and got to break in a nice new toy! I guess I was on the nice AND naughty list this year ;)
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