Alison Angel with Rock Hard Nipples

It was so cold I thought my nipples were going to fall off. We were down by the river, I had a cute little green tank on and a thin linen skirt. The pictures are adorable and hot at the same time, posing right by the water and on the boat loading deck. You can see the city in the backround like here in the cover picture. It looked like we were shooting some high fashion stuff down here, I dont think the people could see that my breasts were out…or if they could…good for them! As my photographer says “No better way to start the day than with an eye full of Alison Angel“. Later that same day we were driving to another spot and saw a train fast approaching so we stoped, I got out and took a few cute pictures of me standing with the passing train in the backround, I flashed my boobies and then even bare ass mooned them as well.
Alison Angel GalleryAlison Angel MasturbatingAlison Angel Masturbating

Alison Angel Eating PussyAlison Angel NudeAlison Angel Flashing Her Tits
Alison Angel Fingering Her PussyCollege Girl Alison AngelCollege Girl Alison Angel
Alison Angel MasturbatingAlison Angel NudeAlison Angel Nude
Alison AngelAlison Angel Fingering Her PussyAlison Angel Gallery
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